Our Mission is to break the "Boy Code"

Our purpose is help create a world where the idea that boys must keep their emotions in-check, suppress the expression of authentic and vulnerable feelings, and that men must disconnect from their emotions to fulfill a masculine identity is a thing of the past.

We offer training programs for parents and professionals that promote emotional development  in boys through emotional awareness, self-acceptance, resiliency and empathy.  

Parents and professionals learn how to:

  • Increase the ability in a child to fully articulate their emotions.

  • Reduce emotional distress due to a greater capacity to authentically express strong or unpleasant feelings.

  • Reduce unwanted behaviors (non-compliance, disruptive class behavior, aggression, sibling conflict)

  • Reduce susceptibility to peer pressure resulting in the strength to make healthy decisions for themselves.

  • Create stronger and healthier relationships with themselves, their family and peers